Wedding Planners in Chennai

Dream-Weavers bridal event planner assists you with planning, facilitating, negotiating and handling dedicated Dream Weddings, offering holistic customized solutions, be-spoken service or packages. Our Weddings reflect your lifestyles, and we work closely with you to create unforgettable moments and lifetime memories.

Our end-to-end solutions is brought to you backed by our strong in-house production and vendor relations to ensure you receive the best services at the best price.

Mission of Our Wedding Planners

Our Mission is to organize carefully to make every wedding planning unique as innovative and unforgettable as possible.

1) Provide excellence planning and hospitality more than customer’s expectation.
2) Dream-Weavers goal is on continuous progress of our quality service planning. Our Wedding Planners are updating with most up-to-date planning & equipment, to create pleasant experience in all marriages.
3) Make reputation in Chennai for Time management and assuring best planning services in weddings.
4) We give surety most favorable exploitation of all existing resources to guarantee affordable services.
5) We plan and keep backup plans to make each wedding planning is successful.

After all our wedding Planners are need Customers Support for Successful wedding planning & We believe feedback on Customers opinion is major contributor for continuous enhancement of our services.

Wedding activities undertaken include:

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