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Hello! We Are an Event Planning Agency

As the premier event planning company in the area, we know that it’s not “one size fits all”. Each event and client is unique and we believe our services should be as well. We know that it should be “Can I hire a planner?” not “Can I afford one?”.



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We try to tell your Event story as honestly as possibly can, without any interference or manipulation. We like to be a fly on the wall and purely document what goes on around us. We find that this produces the most true and honest representation of you and your emotions at that particular point in time. This is what we love to capture for you and tell your Event story.


With experience comes a special wedding instinct and apprehension, to know where and when to look for those special moments; the tears, the laughter, the tight meaningful hugs and so on. These moments could happen from the bridal preparations in the early hours all the way through to the late stages after the first dance. We never stop scanning the room for them. These moments will stitch together to tell the story of your day when you look back.

Artistic Eye

Wedding planner used to be about standing up straight in an awkward line with all the wedding party trying to look as smart and pleasant looking as possible. That was when I used to think I would never be a wedding planner!All that has changed in the past few years with the explosion of trendy young wedding planners, with trendy fashion backgrounds and so on, injecting a dose of fun and creativity into modern wedding. I love it when I get the more artistically inclined bride and groom, and I encourage them to express themselves as they truly are in their wedding. It is a passion of mine to produce artistic works of art for your walls.

All you need is love..we’ll take care of rest!

  • Our intervention 10%
  • Creative Magic 40%
  • Your Ideas 80%
  • Customer Happiness 100%

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